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26 Apr

       Today, I’d like to discuss another of America’s serious problems, our National Debt.  This huge, FIFTEEN- TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT  hangs over us like a storm cloud capable of momentarily turning into the funnel cloud of a tornado.  That’s $48,000 for each and every man, woman and child in this country.  THAT’S  UNCONSCIENABLE!  How can our leaders allow that to continue?  On of the great experiences of life is to become a parent but, “welcome to the world my little angel but you are starting your life $48,000 in debt.”  If the poor kid understood what was going on, he/she would scream to go back to where he/she had just come from.  WE CAN’T ALLOW THIS TO GO ON!  Just the interest alone costs us EIGHT-HUNDRED, TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND, DOLLARS A DAY while our duly elected members of Congress and our President give lip service to debt reduction while passing budgets with deficits of  HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EACH YEAR and then go merrily on their way.  Funny thing is, we keep on reelecting them year after year.  CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY?   So called “financial experts” proclaim that “as a percentage of our gross national product, such debt is within reasonable limits.  Well if we apply their reasoning to your household budget, assuming your household income is $50,000 a year you reasonably can carry $2,000 of debt, AND YOU CAN, but with compound interest at normal consumer rates, that $2000 becomes $4000 in 7 years, $8000 in 14 years and $16,000 in 20 years UNLESS YOU FIND A WAY TO PAY IT BACK!  The hidden danger though is that carrying that debt load impairs your ability to access more credit when you suddenly are faced with an EMERGENCY!  You may say, “I’ve got insurance so I’ll take my chances.”  In the case of our country however, an emergency may be on the scale of another Pearl Harbor, which today would be an economic  blow that even the mighty United States could not recover from.  Fortunately, there IS a way out of this problem. When I unveil my economic plan for revitalizing America, THIS WILL NEVER BE A PROBLEM AGAIN!



Hello Fellow Americans

26 Apr

This is my third comment to you on this website!  There will be more each week, sometimes two or three times a week.  I hope you will like my comments because THEY ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT TO ALL AMERICANS.   In my previous comments, I outlined two of the real problems facing today’s United States as I perceive them to be.  You probably noticed I said the “REAL”  problems.  I don’t have the time, nor do I expect you to have the patience, to address what I consider to be “garbage” problems, those which are daily boringly addressed  by newspapers,  TV reporters,  and commentators just to write about something to justify their paycheck.  In my opinion, they are of little real significance and have been talked to death already  SO I WILL NOT BE DISCUSSING THE FOLLOWING, AFTER A BRIEF STATEMENT OF WHERE I STAND ON THEM:

1.     ABORTION:     I personally would not participate in it but I don’t feel I have any right to tell   others what they should do.

2.     RACIAL DISCRIMINATION:     I think it is STUPID.  I personally don’t care whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, green or purple.  I’ll treat you like I’d treat any member of my family unless YOU PERSONALLY GIVE ME REASON NOT TO.

3.     THE DEATH PENALTY:     It should be ABOLISHED!  It has become a farce.  If someone is the recipient of the death penalty from a judge after being tried and convicted,  he/she stands a better chance of dying from old age than ever being executed.  Sentence that person to life in prison without chance of parole and save the taxpayers the millions of dollars which have to be spent on frivilous appeals and hearings to kill him/her, let alone the possibility that the conviction was actually a mistake.

4.     POLITICAL CORRECTNESS:     This is the most ridiculous waste of everybody’s time that mankind ever came up with.  If you’re offended enough by what a complete stranger says or thinks to make a big issue of it, YOU’RE TOO THIN SKINNED!  Whatever became of the old fashioned sense of humor Americans used to have.  STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY.  STOP TRYING TO BE A WATCHDOG OF PEOPLE’S BEHAVIOR!  You may have noticed in #3 above that I used the term, “his/her” and “him/her” so as not to offend anyone.  This probably occurs somewhere in the U.S. over a million times a day.  What a waste of ink!  GET OVER IT!

5.     SUEING SOMEONE JUST TO TRY TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK YOU DON’T DESERVE!  The lawyers love this one.  Just look at all the ads they post in the media and in your old telephone book.  They make a handsome living over people’s greed, much more than they get their clients.  Don’t be a part of this shabby treatment of others for monetary gain.

6.     POLITICAL AFFAIRS:   I’m not currently affiliated with ANY political party.  I WAS, but I could no longer stomach the bald faced lies and dirty political maneuvering of my party.  Where I asked myself, is any sense of compassion for the American public by our elected officials?  Now, you can call me a Demmican or possibly a Republicrat but my vote will always go to the candidate standing on his/her word and not on a politically expedient party platform.

7.     RELIGION IN POLITICS:   The Constitution forbids it!  So why all this concern about where a political candidate or appointee stands on abortion or other religion based questions?  It shouldn’t be a question that ever comes up.  It shows just how narrow minded most political candidates are!

8.     ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION:  “YOU CAN’T STOP IT!”  YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO STOP IT!”  As long as AMERICA remains the land of opportunity, where everyone has a chance to better themselves and their families, “YOU’LL NEVER STOP IT!”   The only sensible thing to do is MAKE IT LEGAL!  If a so called illegal is serving in our armed forces or working, sending children to school, and paying taxes  and not participating in criminal activity, let them and every member of their family take the oath of allegiance and become a PROVISIONAL CITIZEN with full citizenship privileges, for five years.  If they have no criminal record during that provisional period, their citizenship will automatically become permanent with no action required.  If they have criminal activity during the provisional period, they are deported with a sentence of 20 years in prison hanging over their head should they return.

There you have a list of things I DO NOT intend to discuss fiurther.  In my comments to follow, I will discuss the things I DO consider to be the real problems confronting America and my plan for   what we should do about it.




Good Morning Fe…

20 Apr

Good Morning Fellow Americans,

     Let’s take a hard look at what ails America today.  The cost of medical insurance is rising every time we turn around.  Employers look for ways to reduce their cost but their premiums keep going up.  As a result, employee contributions and co-pays keep going up.  Costs are out of control.  I’ll cite a personal example.  As a result of lifting, I suffered a collapsed vertabrae.  My primary phyaician recommended that I have a then new procedure which he said would immediately relieve the excruciating pain I was suffering.  This involved pumping up the vertabrae with a baloon and injecting a plastic substance which would harden almost instantly and provide me with a stable vertabrae, an out patient procedure.  When I went to the hospital for the procedure, I was ushered into a small room to disrobe and put on a hospital gown.  After about a half hour wait, I was taken into a room with a table on which I had to lie down on face down.  The process was painless and took about 15 minutes over all.  All I felt was a little pushing.  When it was over, I was returned to the original small room to change into my clothes.  So far, so good.  After about another 20 minutes they said I could go home.  Well I went home and waited for the instant pain relief but guess what?  I never got that pain relief as promised.  Instead, the pain gradually subsided to a level I could live with after TWO YEARS.  Then to add insult to injure, I got the insurance summary of what was paid for the procedure.  It left me AGHAST at the cost.  One doctor and two nurses worked on me for FIFTEEN MINUTES and the hospital charged my insurance SEVENTEEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS inxluding $3000 for A NON-EXISTANT  RECOVERY ROOM.  That is my personal experience with bloated medical costs.  Interestingly enough, that procedure has now been discredited as being ineffective, as it was with me, but I don’t see any effort on the part of the hospital to refund any part of the $17,000 to my insurance company.  The problem is that the insurance companies don’t care what any procedure costs as long as they can charge the consumer pool enough to make a profit on it.  That is why there is no good reason to have a medical program with an insurance company involved.  We need to take the insurance company profit out of the cost.  As it is now, the insurance companies earn BLOOD MONEY from the illnesses of our people.  THAT HAS GOT TO STOP!  This is a case where there MUST BE a single payer program for everybody, like Medicare is for senior citizens.  Insurance companies have no business being involved in the health and well being of our people.  When I unveil my plan for the future of America, that will cease to be a problem.  Everyone will have 100% medical coverage for life and NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!                                                                    

     Now let’s take a look at  the mortgage mess.  Having been in that business for several years, I have seen first hand what the banks have done to this country and it’s not pretty.  While millions of Americans needed, and deserved help, the vulture banks ignored them and merrily foreclosed on millions of homes along with the hopes and dreams of the homeowners, who had to face the stunning reality that “their bank” didn’t give a hoot what happened to them.  To make matters worse, the Federal Government BAILED OUT THE BANKS WITH NO CONCERN FOR THE MILLIONS OF DISPLACED TAXPAYERS.  The leaders of those banks are still commanding salaries in the MULTI- MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY and fiddling while Rome continues to burn.  When I unveil my plan for America, EVERYONE will be able to SECURELY own their own home WITHOUT CASH DOWN, WITHOUT GOOD CREDIT, and with a LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT!

Old Fashioned American




Save The USA Today

16 Apr

Good Morning Fellow Americans

     This is my first message to you.  I hope you like what you are going to see today and in my following messages.  In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream!”  I dream of a United States without today’s difficulties and burdens which are eroding the ambitions and aspirations of our people.  I dream of a United States where ALL of our people benefit from the enormous potential of our economy, not just a privileged few.  Dream along with me and think about what life would be like if ALL the following were to take place in our lifetime.  DREAM!     

     What if there were NO POVERTY,  NO UNEMPLOYMENT,  NO HOME FORECLOSURES, NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX,  NO CREDIT PROBLEMS,  and NO MEDICAL EXPENSES?  What if EVERY child could be assured of a secure future because EVERY parent would have the financial means to provide the finest education for them WITHOUT going in to burdensome financial debt?  What if EVERYONE could buy a home for their family without worrying about saving a down payment or qualifying for a mortgage?  What if it was possible for EVERYONE with a goal of owning their own business could afford to start one?  What if there was no federal budget for elected officials to fight about with their constant partisan bickering?  What if our military could afford the most modern weaponry and systems and pay our fighting forces a living wage?  All this is what I dream about!  You would naturally conclude that my dream is a PIPE DREAM!  but WHAT IF all of this could become a reality in our lifetime?  The simple truth is, IT CAN BE!  I not only have a DREAM, I have a PLAN!  A plan that will bring Utopia to ALL Americans if it ever can be implemented.  I say if it can ever be implemented because our established politicians and banks will fight it tooth and nail to prevent their loss of power and influence.  Some will say this plan is Socialistic or even Communistic.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It IS a plan that requires everyone’s cooperation and a willingness to give up their individual choice of a specific vendor when they buy a home, but it enhances everyones personal liberties in every other way.  In the coming weeks, I will share the details of my plan with you.  For now, I would greatly appreciate any comments, criticisms, or encouragement you may wish to voice.  I am NOT soliciting money for this plan, HOWEVER, if the understanding and acceptance of this plan grows to a point where there is sufficient public support for it, we will probably then be willing to accept contributions aimed at getting it implemented.

Old Fashioned American