Save The USA Today

16 Apr

Good Morning Fellow Americans

     This is my first message to you.  I hope you like what you are going to see today and in my following messages.  In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream!”  I dream of a United States without today’s difficulties and burdens which are eroding the ambitions and aspirations of our people.  I dream of a United States where ALL of our people benefit from the enormous potential of our economy, not just a privileged few.  Dream along with me and think about what life would be like if ALL the following were to take place in our lifetime.  DREAM!     

     What if there were NO POVERTY,  NO UNEMPLOYMENT,  NO HOME FORECLOSURES, NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX,  NO CREDIT PROBLEMS,  and NO MEDICAL EXPENSES?  What if EVERY child could be assured of a secure future because EVERY parent would have the financial means to provide the finest education for them WITHOUT going in to burdensome financial debt?  What if EVERYONE could buy a home for their family without worrying about saving a down payment or qualifying for a mortgage?  What if it was possible for EVERYONE with a goal of owning their own business could afford to start one?  What if there was no federal budget for elected officials to fight about with their constant partisan bickering?  What if our military could afford the most modern weaponry and systems and pay our fighting forces a living wage?  All this is what I dream about!  You would naturally conclude that my dream is a PIPE DREAM!  but WHAT IF all of this could become a reality in our lifetime?  The simple truth is, IT CAN BE!  I not only have a DREAM, I have a PLAN!  A plan that will bring Utopia to ALL Americans if it ever can be implemented.  I say if it can ever be implemented because our established politicians and banks will fight it tooth and nail to prevent their loss of power and influence.  Some will say this plan is Socialistic or even Communistic.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It IS a plan that requires everyone’s cooperation and a willingness to give up their individual choice of a specific vendor when they buy a home, but it enhances everyones personal liberties in every other way.  In the coming weeks, I will share the details of my plan with you.  For now, I would greatly appreciate any comments, criticisms, or encouragement you may wish to voice.  I am NOT soliciting money for this plan, HOWEVER, if the understanding and acceptance of this plan grows to a point where there is sufficient public support for it, we will probably then be willing to accept contributions aimed at getting it implemented.

Old Fashioned American  








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