Good Morning Fe…

20 Apr

Good Morning Fellow Americans,

     Let’s take a hard look at what ails America today.  The cost of medical insurance is rising every time we turn around.  Employers look for ways to reduce their cost but their premiums keep going up.  As a result, employee contributions and co-pays keep going up.  Costs are out of control.  I’ll cite a personal example.  As a result of lifting, I suffered a collapsed vertabrae.  My primary phyaician recommended that I have a then new procedure which he said would immediately relieve the excruciating pain I was suffering.  This involved pumping up the vertabrae with a baloon and injecting a plastic substance which would harden almost instantly and provide me with a stable vertabrae, an out patient procedure.  When I went to the hospital for the procedure, I was ushered into a small room to disrobe and put on a hospital gown.  After about a half hour wait, I was taken into a room with a table on which I had to lie down on face down.  The process was painless and took about 15 minutes over all.  All I felt was a little pushing.  When it was over, I was returned to the original small room to change into my clothes.  So far, so good.  After about another 20 minutes they said I could go home.  Well I went home and waited for the instant pain relief but guess what?  I never got that pain relief as promised.  Instead, the pain gradually subsided to a level I could live with after TWO YEARS.  Then to add insult to injure, I got the insurance summary of what was paid for the procedure.  It left me AGHAST at the cost.  One doctor and two nurses worked on me for FIFTEEN MINUTES and the hospital charged my insurance SEVENTEEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS inxluding $3000 for A NON-EXISTANT  RECOVERY ROOM.  That is my personal experience with bloated medical costs.  Interestingly enough, that procedure has now been discredited as being ineffective, as it was with me, but I don’t see any effort on the part of the hospital to refund any part of the $17,000 to my insurance company.  The problem is that the insurance companies don’t care what any procedure costs as long as they can charge the consumer pool enough to make a profit on it.  That is why there is no good reason to have a medical program with an insurance company involved.  We need to take the insurance company profit out of the cost.  As it is now, the insurance companies earn BLOOD MONEY from the illnesses of our people.  THAT HAS GOT TO STOP!  This is a case where there MUST BE a single payer program for everybody, like Medicare is for senior citizens.  Insurance companies have no business being involved in the health and well being of our people.  When I unveil my plan for the future of America, that will cease to be a problem.  Everyone will have 100% medical coverage for life and NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!                                                                    

     Now let’s take a look at  the mortgage mess.  Having been in that business for several years, I have seen first hand what the banks have done to this country and it’s not pretty.  While millions of Americans needed, and deserved help, the vulture banks ignored them and merrily foreclosed on millions of homes along with the hopes and dreams of the homeowners, who had to face the stunning reality that “their bank” didn’t give a hoot what happened to them.  To make matters worse, the Federal Government BAILED OUT THE BANKS WITH NO CONCERN FOR THE MILLIONS OF DISPLACED TAXPAYERS.  The leaders of those banks are still commanding salaries in the MULTI- MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY and fiddling while Rome continues to burn.  When I unveil my plan for America, EVERYONE will be able to SECURELY own their own home WITHOUT CASH DOWN, WITHOUT GOOD CREDIT, and with a LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT!

Old Fashioned American





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