26 Apr

       Today, I’d like to discuss another of America’s serious problems, our National Debt.  This huge, FIFTEEN- TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT  hangs over us like a storm cloud capable of momentarily turning into the funnel cloud of a tornado.  That’s $48,000 for each and every man, woman and child in this country.  THAT’S  UNCONSCIENABLE!  How can our leaders allow that to continue?  On of the great experiences of life is to become a parent but, “welcome to the world my little angel but you are starting your life $48,000 in debt.”  If the poor kid understood what was going on, he/she would scream to go back to where he/she had just come from.  WE CAN’T ALLOW THIS TO GO ON!  Just the interest alone costs us EIGHT-HUNDRED, TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND, DOLLARS A DAY while our duly elected members of Congress and our President give lip service to debt reduction while passing budgets with deficits of  HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EACH YEAR and then go merrily on their way.  Funny thing is, we keep on reelecting them year after year.  CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY?   So called “financial experts” proclaim that “as a percentage of our gross national product, such debt is within reasonable limits.  Well if we apply their reasoning to your household budget, assuming your household income is $50,000 a year you reasonably can carry $2,000 of debt, AND YOU CAN, but with compound interest at normal consumer rates, that $2000 becomes $4000 in 7 years, $8000 in 14 years and $16,000 in 20 years UNLESS YOU FIND A WAY TO PAY IT BACK!  The hidden danger though is that carrying that debt load impairs your ability to access more credit when you suddenly are faced with an EMERGENCY!  You may say, “I’ve got insurance so I’ll take my chances.”  In the case of our country however, an emergency may be on the scale of another Pearl Harbor, which today would be an economic  blow that even the mighty United States could not recover from.  Fortunately, there IS a way out of this problem. When I unveil my economic plan for revitalizing America, THIS WILL NEVER BE A PROBLEM AGAIN!



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