Good Morning Fe…

1 May

Good Morning Fellow Americans,

     Today was going to be the day I unveiled my plan to save America.  Unfortunately, I feel the need to discuss something else today so you will have to wait another couple of days for the good stuff.  Today I need to talk about John Edwards, the former VP candidate who not only cheated on his wife but fathered a child by his mistress and still had the gall to run for president.  GOOD GOING JOHN!  I guess you felt if Bill Clinton could play, you deserved to join the party.  Then you continued the affair while your wife was dying from cancer.  What a slimeball!  If there is a hell, he will surely burn there, but that isn’t the entire reason I’m up in arms.  It seems the Feds are spending $ MILLIONS to prosecute him for conspiracy to cover up his foul deeds, intending to show that he diverted some $800,000 in campaign funds in doing so.  It seems ridiculous to me to waste public funds for this.  The sensible thing would be to have him pay a fine of $800,000 to drop the matter.  After all, a conviction will end in numerous appeals and infinitely more government cost and he may never go to prison.  Sadly, if he DOES go to prison, we will be paying for his keep for all the time he is incarcerated.  This is what you can call a “lose-lose” situation.  The only thing this prosecution will accomplish is to shame him.  DON’T YOU THINK THAT’S ALREADY BEEN DONE?  There is no justice to be had here.  We can only hope God’s punishment will be appropriate for his sins.  Let’s be done with this idiot and go on to make better use of our assets.

Old Fashioned American



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