Good Morning Fe…

19 May

Good Morning Fellow Americans:

      I’ll deviate today from following up the revealing of my plan to save America so I can comment on something that continues to offend me.  I’m talking about so called, “celebrities.”  Our television screens are clogged with so many of these “beautiful people” who apparently DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT IS REMOTELY PRODUCTIVE  but whose antics, romances and intimate details are paraded before our adoring teen age children to create a way for them to make $ MILLIONS for just existing while setting a new low standard of behavior for our children to live down to.  It’s a lot like the decadence that destroyed Rome and its empire.  Whatever happened to morality, modesty, humility, shame and the good old fashioned work ethic?  Now over the years there have been many “celebrities” who were actually talented and entertaining movie stars and athletes with a strong sense of duty to society and our country.  I salute all of them but today’s crop falls dismally short of what it takes to be a real “star.”  Their main talent seems to be the exaggerated use of four letter words and “accidentally” exposing their private parts with the intention of titilating their young fans.  Now I’m not and have never been a prude but enough is enough.  It’s time for us as parents to protect our children from all this materialistic junk by an entire family boycott of all products and commercial ventures promoting these deviates and their actions.  When they can no longer make obscene amounts of money for NOTHING, hopefully they will fade back into the woodwork and rocks they crawled out from under.

Old Fashioned American







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