Good Morning Fellow Americans

21 May

  Once again I feel the need to postpone the details of my plan to save America in order to comment about another ridiculous affront to common sense perpetrated by our sensation seeking media.  I’m talking about the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin during a conflict with George Zimmerman. 

  • If it weren’t for the racial aspect, this would just be a minor local news item.
  • The local police investigated and called it a “justified” shooting.
  • President Obama got involved in it but has wisely made no additional comment since.
  • The media got involved, judged Zimmerman, and found him guilty.  Nancy (fallen from) Grace, who did her very best to convict Casey Anthony, took up the cause to convict him.
  • Fueled by inflamatory statements by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, black leaders threatened race riots if no further action was taken.  Martin’s family issued statements praising him as a good person undeserving of his death.  The media posted pictures of him at an early age looking angelic and innocent and public opinion was one of outrage
  • Fearing violent and extensive race riots across the country, A CONSPIRACY WAS HATCHED TO CUT THEM OFF BEFORE THEY STARTED.  A special prosecutor was named to promptly charge George Simmerman with SECOND DEGREE MURDER, a charge they KNEW would NEVER bring a conviction, instead of a more sensible manslaughter charge that might possibly stick.  This OVER THE TOP charge mas made to assuage the inflamed black community and make Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson shut up while insuring that George Zimmerman would be acquitted.  Of course, they knew an acquittal might still produce riots but felt that after going through the motions to try to put George Zimmerman away, the majority of blacks would have been satisfied that a good faith effort had been made and that riots, if any, would be small and of short duration.
  • Then the media blitz began, with the day by day leaking of pertinent evidence showing Zimmerman’s injuries from the confrontation, “witnesses” stepping forward that claim to have seen Martin on top of Zimmerman pummeling him, etc., a pure case of getting off the conviction bandwagon now that it wasn’t looking so good.
  • Either way, this has been a financial BONANZA for the media while at the same time, the black community has been deceived and manipulated.


Old Fashioned American 




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